Hardie Minute


When the borders open you might be keen to travel but we must all make a concerted effort to support local first and support our economy.

When you buy a product, look to see where it is made. Could you buy it from a local producer? For many, product from abroad is their business and we are not advocating South Africans to disregard these items but be mindful. Vendors will also be exploring local and it is likely we will see more South African product to buy. If you are buying on-line, could you support a local vendor for the sake of convenience?

It doesn’t matter whether it is the food you buy to the objects in your home. Ranging from the dining mats on your table to the crockery you eat off and the art you hang on your walls.
Every little bit helps to support what is on our doorstep. It’s also a great time to explore what and who is around you.

Local tourism is slowly opening up. Get away for the weekend and support the hotels, guest houses, markets, restaurants and the like.

In the world of real estate we can see that people are itching to move as the market is busy, especially in rentals. This will only mean that people are itching to travel too. Let’s try and keep it on our doorstep for the moment and support our home.