Hardie Minute

Welcome to the first Hardie Minute.

It has been an absolute pleasure to write the first feature articles for the Hardie Minute and plan what is next.

For me Hardie Property is not just about Real Estate. It is about who I have met, celebrated with, worked with, enjoyed with and it is about reality. The majority of us have just been through a pandemic which effectively was like a modern World War Three.

We have all had our own experiences. To begin with I enjoyed it. It was a time to cook, think and be creative. We didn’t have our kids to begin with as they were quarantined with their Mum but as the rules relaxed, we were two very busy adults in a small cottage with two boys home-schooling (Zoom calls and Google Meetings). We were meant to move just as lockdown started and this got delayed until Level 3. Our cottage suddenly became very small and we really felt the need to move to a bigger space.

As I type, we have moved house and a big storm has arrived but we have numerous workmen in the house, garden and on the roof, plus I am starting a business and my husband has his phone permanently attached to his ear or is on a Zoom conference meeting. It has been a crazy week. I should say I am never going to move again but obviously I don’t want to talk myself out of a job. Chatting to Sue Bond in particular (for the Hardie Minute), we talked about what is next for property. We both feel strongly there is going to be a big movement of people within Cape Town as they find the home that suits their livestyle rather than a lifestyle. We both also believe there will be another period of semigration from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

I’m nervous about the launch of Hardie Property in this testing time. For me, I wanted to create a brand that represents what I stand for. I want the site to be user friendly and I want users to explore and read the blog articles and easily get in touch with me if they have any questions. It shouldn’t be difficult and if it is, please tell me. I’m super proud of Pierre Odendaal who has been a creative dream plus thanks to JB for building the website, Meyer’s recommendations and everyone’s support, telling me this is the right thing to do. A huge thanks goes out to my husband Wayne who is fully behind this project and believes in me 100%.


Richard Huxham-Hardie
Founder | Hardie Property