Hardie Minute

On Saturday, 6 April, Capetonians clinched the Guinness World Record for hosting the world’s largest gin-tasting event. The event was hosted by Two Gingers Premium Craft Gin and had 423 participants.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Mbali Nkosi initiated the record attempt at 12:50pm while musicians including Sunset Sweatshop and Sons of Selassie entertained the crowd.

The main rule: all participants had to taste their gin at exactly the same time.

‘No mean feat when you have over 400 people laughing, cheering, sipping and swirling,’ says accredited spirits judge Cathy Marston, a local independent witness and steward who assisted Nkosi.

The City’s standing is now tied with Bar Plata in Aarhus, Denmark, which also achieved a gin-tasting event with 423 participants.

‘This was a thrilling attempt because the results came right down to the wire,’ Nkosi told Time Out. ‘While the participants were very festive and enthusiastic they remained engaged under the expert guidance of Cathy Marston and the team of witnesses and stewards who executed their roles flawlessly.’

‘All in all a job well done by the participants and the Two Gingers organising team in equalling the largest gin-tasting world record of 423 people.’

Simon Cranswick and Wynand de Vries, Two Gingers’ founders, say the process was painstaking. ‘The rules [were] rigid and there was no margin for error, but we did it and could not be more proud.’

‘We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the event and helped us achieve this remarkable feat – you were “officially amazing” in helping us to become Guinness World record title holders!’

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