Never has buying a property abroad been so easy.

As a UK resident wishing to buy a property in Cape Town I was introduced to Richard Huxham-Hardie. What a smooth and uncomplicated introduction that was with Richard off like a terrier to find me my dream. It only took a week!

From the moment I met Richard he understood exactly what I was looking for. A lock up and go property, not too small, not too big, a gentle step onto the Cape Town property market, which, if it all went wrong I could sell very easily. Richard is professional, friendly, instantly relaxes you and above all makes house hunting fun! Even my 18 year old daughter commented on what a good time we had with him and that he ticked all our boxes with the property he found us.

Always conscious of your price range and of your comfort zone and security, he thinks about where you want to be and what’s really right for you. I did not dream for one minute that I would end up in Green Point in a Penthouse with panoramic views of Cape Town – it had been Camps Bay all the way for me!

The sale was easy and uncomplicated, he introduced me to the lawyers, guided me through it all step by step and even helped me set my bank account up. He negotiated the rental on my property (fabulous) – he’s more than just an Estate Agent, I would say he is the Guru of selling property in Cape Town and around.

Richard’s approach to selling is non-invasive, he’s patient, he knows his stuff, he’s helpful, he knows Cape Town, the vibe, the food, the bargain, the market. He’s the main man and I can’t recommend him highly enough. I’m now looking forward to the next stage which is decorating my property and the “Guru” if I may call him that, has given me an introduction to a wonderful interior designer – see it’s easy – no brainer – Richard Huxham-Hardie – the One & Only choice in Cape Town.